Ikuti Perkembangan SMAC 09/10

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ucapan President....(3)

Bismillah walhamdulillah..

As the head of ENGENIUS, I would like to ask all Engin students to praise to Allah The Almighty for giving us the chance to be the on going winner of SMAC09..ops, maybe to early to say it..but we must accept the truth..hehe~

For MEDCY, actually you need to face many steps before you can catch us..not 'a' step..must be clear bout that..huhu~ =p

For others, try to challenge us!! coz we don't want to win so easily..

haha~ juz kidding..don't get offence..
actually we play against each other because we want build up our physical strength as required by Islam itself...
n we play with full spirit of Ukhuwwah Islamiah..
no 'gaduh2'..ish2...
lets play because of Allah!!

Anas bin Mazli (President of ENGENIUS)

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