Ikuti Perkembangan SMAC 09/10

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ucapan President....(2)

First of all, let we express our gratitude to Allah S.W.T for giving us the opportunity to participate in this very exciting and meaningful event for this year. Congratulation to all athletes in Medcy's Contingent that already show great performance for the time being and until now we just a step away from conquering the first place from our neighbour. We hope Medcy's Contingent can maintain our great spirit and do well for the upcoming games. Play well and enjoy yourself !!!

For Medcy's members, please don't just stay in your room but we must go out to see and support our friends. We need to be united in facing this tough time together. One For All and All For One. To our neighbours, do not feel this SMAC as easy as last year. We are ready to do our best in this tournament. May Allah bless us...

-'Abdul Muntaqim bin Abu Bakar (President of MEDCY)

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